Friday, January 30, 2009

Sugar N Spice

Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes Galore!!!! My bff was pregnant with a baby girl. SO, we did a girlie baby shower to the MAX! Sugar And Spice and Everything Nice. A large cake is yummy but what can be more tempting or scrumptious than a large assortment of cupcakes. Spice Cake w/ cheesecake filling, strawberry w/ cheesecake filling, chocolate w/ chocolate cake filling and lemon w/ lemon filling. Topped with whipped cream frosting and an assortment of sprinkles, color and candies.

Random but Pretty

Some days I just feel like making a cake and trying a new design and/or flavor. Here's a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling.

What Are Those Letters For?

Baby blocks is a fun and creative way to make a cake and add-on little gifts for baby. Chocolate cake made it just that much better! We had a baby shower for a former co-worker and she had no idea the "C", "P", "M" on the front of the blocks were her daughters initials until I told her.

Oh Brother!.. again?

My oldest brother, Jim, married his sweetheart, Jessica, a short 4 months ago! I was elated to do their cake for them. A delicate yellow and rich chocolate brown were their colors. To shake things up we decided on using that yellow as the main frosting color and use white to make the scroll design stand out. A precious chocolate brown ribbon was placed along the bottom of each tier. Whipped Cream frosting, white cake with 2 tiers of sweet strawberry filling and 2 tiers with zippy lemon filling brought people back for seconds. The front is covered in delicate white carnations, beautiful white roses and a large variety of other white flowers.

Oh Brother!

When Brian and Katie got married it was basically a no-brainer that I would be making their cake. They chose such an easy design! A tasty white cake with raspberry filling delighted the guests. I used simple buttercream frosting with candy pearls randomly placed along the sides. I'm pretty sure I am still finding those tiny candy pearls all over my kitchen. It is amazing how far they can roll! Enchanting red and white roses along with candles and white lights brought a romantic charm to this post valentine's day wedding.

T'was a Drive by Fruiting!

Most of you probably don't recognize the quote in the title. It is from Mrs Doubtfire(love that movie!). Erik and Audra are also friends from college. Their cake has a basket weave design. I thought for sure my hand was going to fall off when I finished. It is a strawberry flavored cake with strawberry filling. The bottom of each tier is decorated with fresh strawberries. Lilies finished of this beautiful cake. This is one of my favorites!


Tom and Desiree' are good friends from College. Des asked for a Banana Nut Cake. The cake is covered in fondant and decorated with 500 handmade (by yours truly) fondant daisies! Fresh Daisies finished off the rest for the decor'. Helpers at the wedding site didn't listen to me when I asked them not to move the cake. They did anyway and the topper fell off and broke. All I can say is thank God for super glue! You couldn't even tell! These are temporary pictures until I can scan better ones!

That's Amore'

My best friend, Jessica, asked me to do her wedding cake. This is actually new york style cheesecakes. Not your typical crumbly sweet goodness. It was tasty though! Trimmed with fresh red roses around the bottom and sprinkled with red rose petals.

The First

Here's the first Wedding Cake I made! I grabbed a "how to" book at the store and read up on it. It was 115 degrees while I was decorating this cake. And I was in a house with NO A/C. Yikes! Its a marble cake w/ strawberry filling and buttercream frosting. Sorry the quality of the picture isn't great. Its a picture of a picture :)

Here It Goes

Well folks.. here we go! My cakes get their own blog.. who'd a thought this would EVER happen. I have fun doing this as a hobby. It brings me joy to see how excited people get about cakes. They always say how they don't want to cut into it because it is "too pretty". Step aside and hand me the knife. I have no problem hacking into the thing! :) I'm not starting a full blown business but if someone wants to purchase an inexpensive and creative cake, send me a comment or message. I only do cakes in San Diego unless there are special circumstances. I do know a fantastic cake maker in the Inland Empire so if I can't help you, maybe she can! Here goes nothing..